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 RIP - Colonel Albert John "Red" Wetzel

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RIP - Colonel Albert John "Red" Wetzel Empty
PostSubject: RIP - Colonel Albert John "Red" Wetzel   RIP - Colonel Albert John "Red" Wetzel EmptyThu Dec 31, 2009 10:33 am

Just this week I got word that the father of a friend of mine had passed away:

I had the pleasure of meeting "Red" once in New Orleans, with his son. I remember going into his "study" at the retirement home he lived in with his wife, and seeing his "I love me" wall. On it were bunch of signed photos of unsmiling men wearing blue uniform jackets with stars on the shoulders. Including one of General Lemay, the current guest star in the strip. (There were a bunch of others, possibly including Hap Arnold, but I won't swear to it) When he popped up in the strip, I thought of COL Wetzel...and now I find out he's gone.

I only met him the once, but he seemed a good man, and had a heck of a career in the Air Force and beyond.
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RIP - Colonel Albert John "Red" Wetzel
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