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 Wicked Awesome Show: Top Gear

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Flight-suit Insert

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PostSubject: Wicked Awesome Show: Top Gear   Wicked Awesome Show: Top Gear EmptyMon Oct 26, 2009 6:07 pm

It's on BBCA(merica) Monday nights @ 7

It's an absolutely awesome car show. I suggest everyone watch it. It's really informative about different cars for people that actually know stuff and people that just pretend to know how to drive and it's all wrapped up in British humor. They have various challenges to test the cars. I always like it when they get different teams and play giant games of soccer to test how well the cars will handle sharp turns and stopping as well as wrecks. I forget what car it was, but they had a race up a mountain between the car and some mountain climbers once. It was hilarious. They also have various guests that sometimes pertain to cars/drivings and sometimes don't (James Blunt is freaking hilarious). Anyways, if you're ever bored on monday night and looking for something new, it's a really great show.
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PostSubject: Top Gear Rules!   Wicked Awesome Show: Top Gear EmptySat Sep 18, 2010 6:56 pm

Hello, dallasrocks. Yep, it's another bloody FNG. I love Top Gear! You can check out their website, too. I suggest you bypass the normal site you get here in the States at TopGear.Com. Instead, force your browser to go to Better content, and far more up to date (we are usually at least one season behind the Brits). If you have money, you can subscribe to Top Gear magazine at the British site, too. Me, I'm broke, so I have to watch the TV shows. Anytime you wanna chat gearhead stuff, I caught the bug keeping a 1973 Vega running for 16 years. My dad traded it in on his 1989 Celebrity wagon. Me, I've got 2 1987 Cavalier Z-24s and a 1996 Buick Century wagon. And a pile-of-crap Astro I'm still trying to get the wife to sell. C'est la auto!
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Wicked Awesome Show: Top Gear
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