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 Crew Dog rules

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PostSubject: Crew Dog rules   Crew Dog rules EmptySat Sep 12, 2009 2:05 pm

1. Don’t be a menace to any member while drinking your juice in the hood. (i.e. if you act like a jerk you will be banned.)
2. Leave all rank, politics, and religion at the door.
3. If you have to gripe or poke fun, be tasteful.
4. English is the preferred language of the forum. If you speak l33t or have a serious problem with spell check, don’t bother to post.
5. Don’t take justice into your own hands. Speak with an administrator if you have any complaints.
6. Don't throw mamma off the thread... ie, stay on target when you're posting. If what you have to say has nothing to do with the topic, find a thread where it makes sense. If you can't find a thread, start a new one.
7. Don't use threads for one on one conversations. Thats what PM's are for.
8. Have fun!
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Crew Dog rules
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